Mag.a pth. Nicole Hoxha
Psychotherapist in Training under Supervision & Phase 1 Brainspotting Practitioner

I can help you in your journey of restoring a healthy balance within yourself and your environment by identifying unhelpful patterns and together transforming them into desirable changes that benefit you longterm.

Psychotherapy in English in Vienna

Is it what you're looking for?

I support English and Albanian-speaking individuals, children, adolescents and couples in overcoming challenging phases in their lives, as well as restoring a long-term healthy balance within themselves and their environment. I offer same-day/within 24 hours appointments and am WhatsApp available. I also use Brainspotting as a brain-based therapy method that aims at quickly addressing and treating unprocessed challenges and traumas that conventional talking therapy might take longer to identify and work through.

I offer personalised, short-term and long-term therapy treatment options. I start with a 5-session basis, meaning I will guide you in a comprehensive manner throughout 5 weekly sessions, where you will gain significant insight about yourself and a new outlook in life. In the fifth session, we discuss how we are going to proceed if agreed upon by both parties.

The point of therapy is not to go back to the patterns that led us in the dark forest, instead to look at them, understand them, find out why we've been keeping them this way, and incorporate these findings in our life, not only to overcome the current difficulties, but also future ones, in order to enjoy a full and meaningful life.


First Interview

First Impressions

A first interview is an introductory meeting where you are invited to share, among other topics, what brought you to seek psychotherapeutic guidance. During the first interview I will support you by asking exploratory questions in order to decide together on the best possible way that psychotherapy can help you. Typically, a first interview lasts between 45-60 minutes. 

Individual Psychotherapy 

Adults & Adolescents 

Individual psychotherapy is intended to be a safe space for you to explore your inner world through the guidance and support of your psychotherapist. Typically, sessions last for 50 minutes. However, due to Covid-19 regulations to ensure proper ventilation between the sessions, the duration has been shortened to 45 minutes. 

Couples therapy & LGBTIQA+ 

Quality Care 

Individual identity in relationships and couple identity; from open relationships to polyamory, breakup, divorce, cheating from a partner, grief and loss, sexuality; from asexuality to sex work as a profession, fame; celebrities. 
I support couples in working through and overcoming communication, emotional, spiritual and physical difficulties, in order to come out the other side stronger together and with better tools at your disposal that will allow you to grow and develop together. A couples therapy session lasts 90 minutes.


Beneath the surface 

Psychoanalysis is form of therapy that aims at detangling the knots of our personality. It is also a great choice for anyone interested in finding out what makes them tick. It requires a curious mind, determination, and appointments of at least three times per week as the frequent and close contact between psychotherapist and client is necessary for this kind of method. 

Crisis Intervention

A Happier, Healthier You

Crisis Intervention sessions are quite self-explanatory: we all have good and bad days. Sometimes, the bad days overwhelm us, and we cannot wait until our next session to reflect on them. Hence why I keep a few appointments a week open for any emergencies. 


Brain and body-based therapy

Brainspotting is the next generation of brain-based therapy that aims at quickly addressing and treating unprocessed challenges and traumas that conventional talking therapy might take longer to identify and work through. Several studies show the efficacy of this therapy for treating stress, anxiety, trauma and other areas of concern. It is common for Brainspotting to also be used as a tool in talking therapy when necessary.

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