Special Areas 

The following information is a general, yet limited overview of the topics we can discuss in therapy. Please feel free to contact me with your specific needs and wishes regarding therapy!

Individual therapy
Symptoms: aggression, anxiety; general and panic attacks, bullying, mobbing, self-esteem, depression, international living, Covid-19, eating disorders; from binge eating to adiposity, videogame/technology addiction.

Relationships & LGBTIQA+
Symptoms: individual identity in relationships and couples identity; from open relationships to polyamory, breakup, divorce, cheating from a partner, grief and loss of child, new parents, sexuality; from asexuality to sex work as a profession, fame; celebrities.

Trauma & Personality Disorders
Symptoms: abuse of any kind, recurring thoughts about the traumatic event, flashbacks, inability to continue daily activities, suicidal thoughts, self-harming behaviour, post-traumatic stress disorder, psychosomatic symptoms, war.

Women's health & Sexuality
Symptoms: anxiety, asexuality, body dysmorphia, depression, infertility, motherhood, child wish, pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, postpartum depression, ageing, ever-changing beauty, oncology, plastic surgery.